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Our Story

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After teaching in Toronto Ontario for four years, Lindsay and Michelle moved to BC in 2006 in search of the perfect place not only to live but open a Montessori Preschool. Michelle had lived and worked in BC for 10 years in a previous life and always wanted to come back. After six months they decided on Squamish. After working for a year, networking and looking for locations for their school, they opened Squamish Montessori School in May of 2008 in the lower level of the Squamish Community Church. Starting with three children the school grew to expand into a second Casa or primary classroom in the Squamish Elementary public school’s building. At the same time SMS opened an independent elementary school - Squamish Montessori Elementary School. Lindsay was the Principle and Michelle the Administrator. In the summer of 2011, the casa/ kindergarten program - Squamish Montessori School (SMS Ltd) and the independent school grades 1-4 moved to its current location on Loggers Lane. In 2017 SMS added an infant toddler program now located in Valleycliffe. In 2019, SMS Ltd added a second Casa campus of 50 children on Horizon Drive, North Squamish and expaned/moved our toddler program into our Birch Drive location. We now have 108 children from 12 months to kindergarten age. We are the largest Montessori based program in the Sea to Sky corridor.

Director Lindsay Graye

“Squamish Montessori School is committed to meeting the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the child. Within the framework of Montessori principles and philosophy, the school’s goal is to provide each child the opportunity to develop to their full potential, in a safe, loving, and affirming environment.”

Why Choose Us


Our teachers are trained by the Administration Montessori Internationale (AMI). This is the only training that continues to be backed by the Montessori family. More Importantly – our teachers love and respect their students.


Our Loggers Lane location offers central Squamish drop-off and pick-up with easy highway access. The school utilizes programs at Brennan Park Recreation Centre and allows for a weekly walk to our rivers and spawning channels.


The Administration Montessori Internationale (AMI) offers the most comprehensive training course available. Our teachers go into the classroom confident they can guide your children to a world of learning and discovery.


Montessori teachers or guides present lessons at your child’s own pace. The lessons are 1 on 1
with the guide based on your child’s ability. Each lesson is geared to have successful outcomes. Children are left to practice these lessons until they are mastered. When a child chooses a lesson with no adult intervention the sense of accomplishment is complete and with utter satisfaction!

Peer to peer

With the three-year age group, there is much peer to peer learning in both academics and social areas. The kindergarten-aged child is both mentor and role model. The older child is given the opportunity to show the younger simpler activities. The younger child strives to emulate the older. The younger see the “big” work the old child is able to do and strives to learn.